5 Reasons why Turkey stay high even if fear of bird flu Hotspot

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5 Reasons why Turkey stay high even if fear of bird flu Hotspot

Five reasons why the Turkey which remains the hotspot holiday number one for emerging European even if flu avian fear that day and five reasons why the Turkey is one of the most exciting destinations in the world to date.

According to the latest report of the tourism industry of the Turkey holiday number has remained a hotspot is displayed even if the case of the human form of bird flu was found in remote areas of the country.

Call by the State for those who are looking for a dream holiday destination comes from five following reasons:

(1) the Turkey is a huge country with historical and cultural context of Summer holidaymakers offers some of the most incredibly beautiful and pristine beaches on the Mediterranean Sea and some of the most attractive resort which is becoming more and more popular with celebrities and stars of European sport.

(2) been the sunlight shines in Turkey in the South from March to October, offer tourists the possibility to taste the delights of this interesting inimitable nation throughout the spring, summer and autumn.

(3) in the winter, Turkey plays welcomes winter sports fans and those who need some après-ski fun in various stations advanced where prices are much lower in Austria, Switzerland or Italy but where the quality and facilities equivalent to those of the European winter sports best resorts.

(4) price of rentals or even buying in Turkey is the lowest in the entire Mediterranean area and it is possible for a family of four to rent a villa with sea view and private pool for a tenth of the price of a similar property in Spain, Cyprus, Italy and France. In addition anyone wishing to buy a house in the Sun holiday will save hundreds of thousands of dollars, euros or pounds by buying a property in Turkey rather than buying a property in Greece or Spain Costas Islands for example.

(5) the accessibility of the Turkey is increasing all the time as other airlines open several connections to and from Turkey to Europe. One of the latest developments in this area is a new British Airways flight regular of the United Kingdom to Dalaman and with respect to domestic flights in Turkey their very affordable which offers the possibility to discover double or multi locations nation great holiday holiday Turkey lovers.

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