Camel festival of Pushkar, India

Incredible In India With Camel Festival Of Pushkar

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Incredible In India With Camel Festival Of Pushkar


I fell into love with the India of the years, when I was doing work volunteer with Mother Teresa in Bekasi. Initially, was assaulted my senses 5 with extreme contrasts like this. However, nothing is less attractive. Aromatic food is fantastic, the people are very friendly, aromas and colors are so exotic, it is intoxicating. It is a pleasure to introduce you to a journey of discovery, you will never forget. We focus on the best of Pushkar (India), with the once in a lifetime experience. In November, the weather was perfect and they gave us the best hotelsaround.

We arrived at the land of the 1000 and 1000 gods. Intercontinental, the woman in my group was received with calendula and brand with the distinctive red dot on the forehead. This hotel is an oasis of luxury in the city of 14 million people are infected. Two days are dedicated to the visit of Delhi. Mandatory facilities including the tomb of Gandhi and many sites of heritage world. There is no where more is the ancient tradition mixed with modern on a scale as clearlyas in New Delhi. Fat cow Holy Brahma, blocking traffic causing delays. In this land of the Hindus, cows are the rule. A dog, a monkey, and children crossed their risks and dangers.

I like the food is spicy and start your day with a breakfast of curry-alarma 3. Headed by the coach of Rajasthan, beautiful desert country where cows were replaced by camels. The air is sweeter and more colorful. Here, is a microcosm of all that is of the India. People are polite with humility if mind and always the light in the eyes of foreigners. We have constantly to our window for those who watched with curiosity and they seem to say: “why are you here? As a fan of the third world, this place has been on my list of my dreams for years. Now I’m registered definitely this element of the trip, that I was surprised.

Come to the annual fair of Pushkar camel went of 1 thousand years. As adult, he was attracted to its maximum of merchants of 50,000 camelswith 200 000. We extract in our camp called exotic adventures. Spartan store ensuite toilet but toilet paper at a premium. There is an exterior was this rationed quota change us 24 hours stingily. In the desert, scorching hot and cold nights in the afternoon. I told guests at the United States Embassy here because it felt like an episode of “Survivor”. The laughter that assured me that it was. My surprise quickly became in feared that I entered at the fairgrounds.

Miles of sand with camels moving they are decorated, and the flow of pilgrims, the scene seems very real. Its as fair State on steroids. There was a multitude of camels, horses, the competition for the decoration of the Treaty, the animals, turban, tied sale, tattoos, snake charmer, a Carnival, a mystic, and Bull Run badly and kiosks price gift dazzling art. The Earth has about activities. Thousands of women have been poached arrived using their best clothes near neon colors. See the monkeys cowsand trained, painted the Cobra dance. Words cannot adequately describe how thisChilton skelter overwhelms my 5 senses. Other people may have a Europe with its Cathedral and its museums. For me, this exhibition toexotic and cultural immersion is end of the trip!

Covered in dust, we return to the camp. Nightly entertainment under the stars with musicians and dancers, spitting fire or puppet shows. Alcohol is not permitted here, and all the food is served at vegetarian buffet. Ayurveda Center offers our treatments to cleanse the body of toxins. We reject that, induced vomiting, enemas, nasal discharge and bleeding.

Visit the Lake of Saint Holy City of Pushkar created by Lord Brahma. Pilgrims come from far bath in the ghats and worship all the time. Learn from us about religions, here: Zorastrism, Sihkism, Sufis, a mystical Jainists which do not kill mosquitoes, the Hindus say that there is an absolute truth and the caste system. Our tours of the temple on the Lake. some “blessed” by the priests. Then, the highlight for me was an hour drive from camel Safari to backstage. The road shouted us online children our “Hello, Hello, a pencil please! See the camels were killed and wash the half-naked people. In the Park, we visited orphanages and fragments individually for then get lost in the fever of the spree. We take a great camel spit that it gives us the prospect of all. I bought a dozen bracelets silver and Garnet necklace. Teen covers his photo Terry. He is 6 ‘ 5 “.” A friendly as he is, Sir, you’re eating?
Our group is amazing!

There are limited food Center, but we need some persuasion to avoid the ‘Delhi Belly’. I found a fun mess frenzy. Pushkar is really the business of the part of the local population and we are frozen. I am so grateful for the experience, as it was, but our calendar time.

We arrived at the famous Pink City of Jaipur, Brown now deeper pollution. On tour with the wonders of architecture, fortresses and castles, we learn the great ruler of amber and maharajahs of the Mughal Empire. History comes to life and I’m interested in what I do not care. And here is the shopping paradise for Sarees silk, precious stones, jewellery and handicrafts. I have visited an animal shelter called ‘ help in suffering. The worst of them cases of species different is is here by veterinary volunteers. 45. wild dogs have been sterilized every day and I am witness to the surgeon.
In dogs make voluntary castration ‘help in suffering’ a donation plan talk about Suzy

Continue looking at Fatehpur Sikri, the big left “the ghost town of Akbar” due to the shortage of water. We finally arrived in Agra, a city that has been damaged to 2.5 million. Suppliers of bother. Dancing bears chained to the rupee on the road. Please the kids hungrier. Thank you to the hostel in Sheraton luxury and affordable massage $20 Western kitchen. It was a change from the center of galaxies.

Having witnessed incredible wonders on the way, saved us the best for the final tribute in the world to love. Goose bumps walking through the door of the majestic Taj Mahal. The sun illuminates it like a perfect Pearl… 22 years with 200,000 people with 2 million pieces of inlaid with semiprecious stones. After a Conference on why a perfect symmetry was created for Queen Mumtaz, dissolve us the photo of what looks like a mirage. His poetry in architecture and beautiful imaginable.

In Delhi, all enjoyed the day off to discover that we chose! Most luxurious shopping low price but as a Pashmina shawl is necessary? For our last night, we enjoy of a show entitled “dance India” followed of a party of farewell in our Banquet (India).

My other good travel discounts makes very good guide, driver assistance and accommodation. I remember that my favorite moment in the fair, which took place when I was hiring two “body guides” to help me through the crowd, Jamal and Ranshi. Two children of 11 years together I like barnacles and their faces bright smile will remain grave forever in the memory of my India. This trip has renewed my curiosity in the world that reminds me of another time that I love the line of travel to proliferate. I see more, more I would.

This country is for the experienced traveler. I was very impressed by the courage and the patience of a group of 60 people on the uncertain ground infrastructure. For some, it was their first visit to the third world, but they are all persevere as a professional. Addressing the suffering of first hand is the way to appreciate the House. We have seen terrible things and fun. The word ‘interesting’, but a summary of the entire trip. I have to go back.

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