The tops of the vineyards of Patagonia and the Chile

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The tops of the vineyards of Patagonia and the Chile

Correct the venturers had “summer he does ‘, now comes the last desert in the southernmost part of the world. 7 Day expedition provides amazing wonders. The UNESCO National Park, we saw of the Alps crystalline, volcanoes, Fjords, valleys, fields of Heather, shoves in the river of emeralds, orchids and pilar glaciers 8 000’ of high mountain and Chambéry famous Torres del Paine and grey big glaciers.

The landscape offers a Kodak moment that constantly throughout. It is the end of the spring in the region and the weather has been very cooperative with plenty of sunshine. But this is the land where the unexpected is the norm, so we came prepared to wind and occasional rain.

After resting in the hotel Neruda is beautiful and the visit of the city of Santiago, we flew south of Punta Arenas. Here, we transferred 2 hours by bus to Puerto Natales in the steppe of Patagonia. We welcome last night in spartan but comfortable hotel Charles Darwin and dinner superb King crab and fresh salmon.

“The next day we sail a few hours aboard the coast guard” 21 Mayo “until the fjord Ultima Esperanza. We stopped to climb around the glacier Serano and lunch on sheep at a remote cattle ranch. Then we took the boat for a ride our thrilling Zodiac Lodge is located in Torres del Paine National Park. Hosteria Pehoe campaign at the rate of $200 per room but located on the turquoise glacial Lake with beautiful views of the unspeakable. Rocky Mountain ambient doped ice covered is as clear as a postcard.

He spent three days driving around the Park. We are capable of photographing wildlife including the family lamas guanaco, foxes, flamingos, sea lions, neck Black Swans, cormorants, condors and many more. Some members of our group arranged night climbing to see elusive puma, but nothing is visible. Free time is provided for horseback riding and canoeing in the Grey glacier beautifully. Some people opt for a weight of 8 hours of walking the famous towering peaks known as The Torres.

Fly us to Puerto Montt and archived in the Gran Pacifica first class hotel for four nights to explore the glorious Lake area of the Chile. It starts in the Puyehue National Park with its backdrop of spectacular and highly active volcano Osorno and Calbuco. The afternoon was spent in the area of Aguas Calientes hot springs slightly to take a bath in the crystal clear water of 110 degrees. Here, we participated in a canopy of cable optional swing through the treetops adventure is more fun than a barrel of monkeys. En route to our hotel, we visit the handicraft market very well purchase alpaca sweaters and jewelry blue lapis stoned.

The next day we ice Petrohué forte 4th and 3rd class rafting. Four people fell off the raft capsized, but wet Suite offers protection against the cold water and expert guides in Kayaks are able to take quickly all the. This trip for me was the highlight of the trip.

Day 8 we enjoy catamaran cruise along the edge of all Saints Lake, also known as Emerald Lake to it was color to Peulla. Lush forests here is located in the foothills of the Cordillera of the Andes and include 220 000 hectares. We photographed a succession of beautiful and powerful waterfalls that flow through the rocks of the volcano Osorno ice capped.

Our holiday experience reached its peak in Santiago with a farewell party at a local restaurant in luxury seafood. Before the departure, we visited wine Cavas del Maipo. We enjoyed a steak lunch fantastic barbecue and soak up the endless on wine, including some vintages that are among the most estimated the country’s exports.

Ten days here just for your eyes. I’ve had my fill of salmon and lamb for a lifetime and take into account back in an adventure that is well done. We have a wonderful group of 35 participants, most who meet as strangers and come back as a friend for life. The cost of this trip is $ 2397 more taxes, that includes round-trip from Miami and all domestic bird. $ 100 Chile entry visas are extra. It’s a good value and a very good throughout the Guide.

I visited more than 30 countries. Here, the beauty lies quite in the distance; pure and untouched nature in the fulness of the glory of the best. Patagonia God created a perfect juxtaposition of the fjords of New Zealand, the Alps of Switzerland and British Colombia of forests and lakes. Chile is false unconnected with the peppers. He said Inka “Earth.” I feel distant in this narrow land which extends to the end of the world, but able to enjoy all the comforts of home. It has definitely exceeded my expectations and I recommend it to every brave life of tourist destination list.

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